Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pinterest inspired basket

This basket is so darling, and sooooo easy to make. I found the Pin-spiration here and couldn't believe how easy it was after I looked at the awesome picture tutorial. So I whipped out a piece of Kraft cardstock and got to work making my own cutey patootey basket.

I took a few extra pics of some of the steps that I had questions on. Like the instruction to cut off .25 inch of the 2nd and 3rd strips, I spent a little time holding my paper and trying to match it to her picture. It finally became clear and then I felt silly, but just in case it causes anyone else to pause in their pursuit of baskety cuteness I included the above photo. The picture above shows the strips that are trimmed down a .25 inch each. Also I used the Versa Magic Dew Drop chalk ink in Gingerbread to ink all the edges to give the extra depth and shadowing she spoke of in her tutorial.

This picture is a bit hard to tell, but if you click on it it will open up bigger and hopefully you can see I ran ATG tape over the 3 strips on the right side. I also turned it 90 degrees and added tape to the strips on the right corner again. Does that make sense?

Then I flipped it right side down and added tape to the inside of the other two sets of strips and the inside of both center triangle pieces. Then I completed the assembly as she has instructed in the tutorial. I hope this helped and didn't make it more confusing.

It's so cute and versatile that I might need to make this into a .cut file, although it really was quick and easy to create it manually. Hmm, the age old question. Tool or no tool?

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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