Saturday, July 7, 2012

Card gift set made using the dryer sheet technique

Be prepared, this post has a lot of photos. I had to give each beautiful card its own moment in the spot light. This set of cards is really pretty, from the CTMH Rosy Regards stamp set, the gorgeous CTMH inks and coordinating papers, the CTMH Prisma Glitter right down to THE funnest way to recycle I have ever done. I found Pinsperation here. I couldn't wait to recreate this design using this fun technique.

This is kind of my version of a OSW = One Sheet Wonder technique, also. I think, I'm not sure if it qualifies for OSW status. But I stamped a sheet of white card stock with the two step stamping roses, leaves, buds and stems in each color combination.

Then I cut each sheet down to 2 x 5.25 inch strips.

I followed the designers you tube video tutorial for gluing the half of a used dryer sheet to the front of the strip, over the top of the stamping, and tape the excess down to the back side.

I then did the glitter process she shows in the video tutorial and then went a step further and sprayed over the stamped, dryer sheet, glittered piece the magic fixative to keep the glitter from rubbing off on my hands. Aerosol hair spray. It works, and it didn't run the ink. So I was happy.

I border punched the edge of one end of CTMH Sweet Leaf cardstock, and using Scotch Quick-Dry glue I attached the dryer sheet decorated piece to the border punched cardstock. I put each glued piece under a heavy book to dry. Just fyi I used the glue because I noticed my ATG tape was not holding the dryer sheet very securely to the back side. The glue is holding very well.

I stamped the cardstock background using CTMH Universal Backgrounds in coordinating ink from the roses. Rounded the bottom corners of the card base and the stamped cardstock background, assembled all the layers and voila! It's a beautiful gift set of cards for me to give to away.

Most of the cards were done stamping with four CTMH colors, but the last card in the set I used all twelve ink colors on one sheet. That's what you see above. That's the 5.25 x 12 inch piece after stamping, before trimming, in all it's Rosy Regards glory. So easy yet so pretty.

In case you care to know these are all of the CTMH color combinations I used for this card gift set. Blush & Hollyhock, Smoothie & Tulip, Buttercup & Honey, Lilac Mist & Dutch Blue, Amethyst & Gypsy for the roses and Sweet Leaf & Topiary are the leaf colors.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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  1. Hmmm sounds complicated ... they came out beautiful! Maybe I'll give it a try.


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