Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another homemade embossing folder

I was inspired to create this embossing folder and make these cards from this card I found on Pinterest. I wanted more leaves for my embossing too. I found two great leaves on the newest CTMH Artiste cartridge. 

This card I stamped first. I tried the baby wipes technique, where I dropped dots of CTMH Sweet Leaf, Creme Brulee and Tulip reinker ink onto a baby wipe than used that to ink up my stamps. It did not come out very defined, more light and water color-ish, but I'm OK with that. Then I ran the paper through the embossing folder. Finished it up with the stamped sentiments, a little ribbon detail and some bling.

This one I ran paper through the Cuttlebug in the homemade embossing folder. I then used sponges and dabbed ink on the paper while it was still closed in the embossing folder. Stamp, ribbon and bling it up again and it is good to go.

Here's the 5 x 7 inch folder with the paper after it has run through the Cuttlebug.

Here the top is fit snug around the embossed paper, so I am able to sponge on the ink and keep crisp lines still.

Voila! Finished. I like this style best so far, but I have to try the stamping again, maybe skipping the baby wipe technique so the stamped leaves are bolder.

Now, normally I always share my Cricut .cut files.....but my computer had a hic-up after I was done cutting and it locked up. So I had to hard boot and I had never saved the file. Lesson learned. Save often during the designing and testing process so you don't lose your work. Thankfully I was done cutting the basics of this embossing folder, I did have to hand trim the two extra layers of recycled Cheese-Its box that makes my homemade embossing folders the same thickness as the store bought ones. But that was simple enough. I am sorry I don't have a .cut file to offer to share this time. Next time for sure.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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  1. OOoh, so pretty Cathy! I have been wanting to try that babywipe technique too. I love the effect of the added texture. Can't wait to try this myself. Thanks for sharing!!


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