Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tunisian crochet pot holders & wash cloths

I am back at the yarn and crocheting obsession again. I have taught myself Tunisian crochet with the help of these easy to follow YouTube videos. She has made 5 videos on the basics of Tunisian crochet, I watched them all, then picked up yarn and a crochet hook and watched and practiced along with her. Super simple.

Then I moved on to this wonderful pattern that has you practicing all the basic stitches in 1 easy project. As is in my nature I went a little overboard, so when I was done practicing I decided to use them as potholders not wash cloths, so I sewed 2 together with a simple slip stitch all around the outer edge and chained an extra 9 chains for a little hanging loop.

Here, I did my own thing. A row of purl sitch, a row of simple stitch repeated a few times and then some rows with knit stitch in the very center just to break up the pattern. I am addicted to Tunisian crochet. It is fun and quick and uncomplicated.

These are very basic wash cloths. As I was reading and watching more on Tunisian crochet, I learned a recommendation to combat the typical Tunisian curl that happens at the starting edge of your crocheted project. It is recommended to do your cast on row and your return row and then do a purl row. This cuts down the tendency to curl. I liked the nubby feel of this so I continued with alternating rows of simple stitch and purl all the way until I had a square. These make nice textured body wash cloths.

For all of these projects I was using 1 skein of Benat Handicrafter cotton yarn in Emerald Isle. I still have half of the skein left, so I think I need to make myself some matching kitchen wash cloths and some face scrubbies and make up remover pads, so they all match.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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