Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pazzles round top box

This is for you Mom, hope you like it.
This is a simple round top box I saw the tutorial for on and decided it was an easy enough design I would attempt to design a cut file for it on my new toy. My mom gave me a Pazzles Inspiration for Christmas. It's physically designed so similar to the Cricut Expressions, but improved on a few of the design downfalls. I think it will be awesome. Once I learn the VERY DIFFERENT (read much more difficult) software. It's more difficult because it has so many options and apparently few boundaries. This first design actually went off with no hitches. I was really pleased.

Here is a view of the box from overhead. It's cute, simple but cute. It's about 3 x 4 inches at its base.  

This is a view of the inside after you untie the two pieces of ribbon holding the tabs together.
This was my test cut. I usually test on less expensive white card stock, just to make sure all is well with the design, and then I can't stand to waste it if it does come out right on the first try. So I stamped it with CTMH cranberry red ink in a few different Michaels dollar bin stamps and tied it with pretty ribbon from my Really reasonable ribbon club from last years Valentine's selections.

A close up of the side.
This is the inside of box, another cute dollar bin stamp. Gotta love that. :)
I'm pretty sure I can share Pazzles .wpc files, just like I always share my Cricut .cut files. So if you have a Pazzles and would like to try out this cute lil gift package leave me a comment on this post (don't forget your email address, please) and I will email it out to you. Mom, I wouldn't mind you being my first guinea pig just in case......

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!


  1. This is adorable. I might have to try to make a Gypsy cut file since I don't have a Pazzles ... yet :)

  2. Love this...I'd love to have this file. My email address is
    You are SO kind to share. :)

    Thanks Much!

  3. This is a great file. Finally someone sharing wpc files!!!!
    Please share this with me . . .
    fourkidstwocats at msn dot com



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