Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Lacy cowl and the Stella cowl

More crochet. I am loving it still. This is a crochet lacy scarf pattern from Lion brand. I crocheted it as recommended in the pattern and then stitched the end together to make it a cowl. Because I could. Because I am obsessed with cowls.  

I LOVE this one. This is one of my favorites to date. I love the thick chunkiness of it while still be soft and flexible to wear and wrap around me.

I had never seen this yarn before, Bernat Denim Style in Skinny Pink. I loved it so much I talked my friend out of it. She found it on sale and had purchased it but I talked her into swapping with me. She's not really a pink kind of gal. I don't think she minds.

This is crocheted using this awesome pattern, called the Stella cowl scarf. This is a wonderfully unique design with a fun light and lacy finished look. This was a fantastic 1 skein project. It will make wonderful gifts too.

I used Red Heart Soft yarn in Watercolors. The soft yarn makes it wonderful to wear but kind of shapeless and floppy. Which I both like and dislike a little. It has a tendency to flop over and you loose the scallop edge definition and the lacy open pattern design. But like I said it is heavenly to wear, all soft and cozy.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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