Thursday, November 21, 2013

My crocheted Heidi cowl

I saw this cowl on Pinterest and knew I wanted to recreate it. This blog has the coolest concept, It's Our Pinteresting Life. I love that! My life has definitely gotten more interesting, more crafty, more flavorful, even more healthy, more educated and more sensible since I discovered Pinterest. I bet you can tell that though by how almost every post links back to some Pinsperation or another.

For this first photo I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in black and a sized J crochet hook. My thought was that the yarn was not as bulky as the pattern called for, so I didn't used the size hook the pattern called for. But that is the only change to the pattern that I made. The finished cowl is fine but a bit to firm, not floppy and soft enough for my tastes. And its a bit too short, again for my tastes, some people like these and call them neck warmers. I like longer, softer cowls. 

So here is my second attempt, using the same brand of yarn and a sized M crochet hook, and the exact same number of stitches. Much better. In my humble opinion. This was a learning experience for me, I just thought I would share.

All was not lost on the first attempt though, I tied a 1.5 inch ribbon bow around it to cinch it like this pinspiration, and gave it to a much thinner friend who could pull it off.  Yahoo!

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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