Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cards & dates to remember organizer

I am a list maker. I have a terrible memory, so I make lists for everything. Something like this, where I make the list once and can reuse it over and over is AwEsOmE!!! The premise is to write the birthday, anniversary and other card worthy dates to remember next to the date and then slip the card into the envelope for the same month. Easy peasy! In advance, no rushing around at the last minute. I love it!

It all started on Pinterest. All the best projects do now. I saw and repinned this idea here, and my mind was racing and I was off and running. So this is my take on her great tutorial.

I love polka dots and I love God's rainbow of colors so that was an easy decision. I gathered up 12 envelopes and 13 coordinating papers. These are 6 x 9 so they will hold even 5 x 7 cards, although I rarely make that size, but good to have the options. Also a good size because one sheet of 12 x 12 paper will cover two sides of the envelopes and leave you some scraps for cover flaps and maybe even decorating the front.   :)

I cut the polka dot papers just .25 inch smaller then the envelope so I would have a border and also not have to worry about edges coming up with use and time. I hand cut the envelope flap liners. I printed my dates list and the months on the computer using a font I liked. Trimmed them up and taped them all down to the envelopes.

This is just to show you I lined the inside of the envelope too. I did not want to risk humidity making the glue stick to the gorgeous polka dots and having to tear it away. I really do hope to use this for a long time. Such a great organizational idea. I might make a second to keep at work, just so I don't forget friends and coworkers and be forced to use a store bought card *gasp*.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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