Monday, September 16, 2013

Crocheted bags and another cowl

I was playing around with a tote bag idea with some pretty Deborah Norville yarn but didn't love the finished feel of it. It was too soft and floppy. I didn't think it would hold up as a tote bag. Until....I got the idea to line it in denim. Then I thought why not use some of my kids old toddler sized jeans so that I could have all the pockets too. So that's what I did. The bag fit around some size 12 slims from long ago.

Here is the inside all loaded up with stuff I carry to work. My Ipod, my headphones and charger, my badge and lanyard, my calendar and Joanns ad, a sudoko puzzle book. Everything you need when you are away from home.

Here is a market bag I crocheted using Bernat cotton yarn and this pattern.. I crocheted it exactly as the pattern, minus the color change for the top rows and straps. But I felt it was too long and the strap was way too long. So I pulled out my work back to a point 5 rows less than her pattern stated and I finished it with about 5 inches less of strap length. Then I was happy. 

I also made another mindless two skein cowl from this scarf pattern, for my dear friend and coworker Ang. That's her modeling her pretty cowl. Of course it's 90's here right now, so she wont get to wear if for real for a while unfortunately. 

Ang had bought this beautiful yarn during a trip to visit her mother in law, out of state. I was happy to crochet with such nice yarn. I had never seen this brand before, but it was a dream to work with and I love the finished product. 

That's what I have been up to. I will be posting some cards soon, I am prepping for the annual card class that I co-host with 3 other crafty ladies. So I am starting to work on my card selections. Time to get back to some paper crafting. It has been far too long. 

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy! 

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