Monday, December 30, 2013

Crocheted moss stitch mobius cowl and ear warmer

Just so you know, its really hard to take a profile selfie. I tried in the mirror and not. I probably took 20 shots. And this is the best I came up with. *eye roll* I really wanted to show the yummy cowl and ear warmer in all it snuggley goodness.

This is a creation of my own design.
1. I was inspired to use these colors by a blouse a friend at work had worn. It was striped with these same hues and I loved it.
2. I was inspired to use the moss stitch by this awesome project, I found on Pinterest, of course.
3. I decided to make it a true mobius cowl from this excellent Youtube video.
4. And I was inspired to create the cute scalloped edge by this easy tutorial.
See, I practice what I preach, I go and find inspiration everywhere. 

Here it is up close. I used Patons Astra yarn in Baby Pink, Deep Pink, Medium Grey and Silver Grey Mix. This is my first experience with Patons Astra and it is heavenly. Heavenly to work with and definitely heavenly to wear. So soft and drapey it was perfect for this tight stitch and wide cowl.

I started with the Medium Grey and the chainless foundation single crochet. I gave the length one twist and connected the ends using this excellent tutorial. Then I just started crocheting rounds in different colors. I did several rounds changing colors each row and then I decided I wanted a bolder stripe so I did two rounds per color, then right at the end I did one row of each color again. Hoping to kind of tie it in to the beginning single rows. Finally finishing off with the scallop. It was a lot of fun weaving in all of those ends for each color change, I think for my next project like this I will look for a tutorial where you leave all the yarns connected and just move the yarns up each row. So I wont have to do all that weaving. I am certain I can find something like that on Youtube. 

This earwarmer is a happy accident. Believe it or not, when I made the foundation single crochet for this one I tried it around my neck and thought it was going to be the right length. By the time I had finished maybe six rounds it was very apparent it was going to be too tight around my neck. But low and behold it was just a tiny bit loose around my head, so all that work was not lost. I do like this bolder stripe and kind of wish I had stuck with it the second time I started the project, but live and learn. It just gives me incentive to pick out more beautiful yarns and make another. ;D Like I needed and excuse.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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