Friday, April 1, 2011

Pazzles anniversary card and gift box for my hubby

I apologize right now for the bad pun and the cheese-y card and gift box....but I'm pretty darned certain my hubby is gonna think this is "cool". He is a guy's guy...I'm pretty sure he does not have a feminine side. I know he does not appreciate a heartfelt poetic love sonnet. So this is my attempt to get the point across in a manly way he will relate to.

So the gift box is shaped like a bullet. It's a re-purposed toilet paper roll. I found some cool foil like paper in my craft stash and then some bronze-ish type paper, so I set out on my new Pazzles to create the shapes to put together an imitation bullet. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. The top lifts out of the tube to reveal the content. The top was challenging! I finally's not exactly what I envisioned but I was about to get pretty frustrated so I settled.

Another view of the bullet.

This is probably my favorite little detail. I cut 4 layers of the foil paper, ran them through the Xyron and layered them together. One of the foil layers I had cut a circle out of the center and cut another slightly smaller circle from the bronze paper to imitate the firing pin. A detail he had better notice! Also the 22 J&C, not a real brand, its another play on words. That is the years of marriage and our initials....;) aren't I so clever? Like I said HE had better notice.

This is the card I had been envisioning in my lil head. Again, I'm pretty happy with the end result, even the bad pun.

So hopefully my labor was not in vain and he does recognize the cool-ness of it. I dreamed it up and designed it just for him. Happy Anniversary Love! Here's to another 22 years.

If your mans man would appreciate a card or gift box such as this, I would be happy to share my humble Pazzles .wpc file. Just leave me a comment on this post, remembering that it makes my life so much easier if you include your email address also, and I will send it on over to you.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!


  1. Hi friend Debbie just told me about your cool bullet card(my hubby is also a manly-man, who would appreciate the
    "cool-ness" factor). It is sooo darned cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your Bullet Card!!!! I'm sure you brought a smile to his face!!! Graet Job!!!


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