Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recycling empty jars for gift giving

I have discovered the wonder that is spray paint. I have been intimidated by it for a long while, but no more! I watched a few you tube videos and gained some confidence to give it a try. Now I can't stop myself, if it doesn't breathe or move fast enough I may paint it bright Banner red!

The jars you see above are empty jelly and maraschino cherry and lemon curd jars. I really like the jars that have some shape and variation to them.

I intend to keep a few of these jars for my Disney themed craft room, so when I saw these jars here I knew Banner red was not enough for me. As pretty as it is, polka dots are better. Always! Well, not in the case of chicken pox but all other polka dots are a major improvement over plain.

The spray painted lids had dried for over 24 hours. I took the non brush end of a paint brush and dipped it in Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paints in Magnolia white and then touched the end down to the lid. The more pressure I applied the bigger the first dots, but also as I repeated dotting without re-dipping the dots got smaller. FUN!!!

See! Aren't they adorable? I am going to love filling these with silk flowers I buy at Dollar tree and remove from the stems. This will be great storage and so cute too.

Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!

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