Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween treat holder

Its been a week where I have started a half dozen projects and not really finished anything. I am all over the place right now, inspired by Halloween, Christmas, presents, treats. Oy! I can't seem to settle my mind. I flit here and there. Thankfully this adorable little treat holder tutorial was quick and simple. I found it at Club Anya. Even better, I was borrowing a good friends Cricut Gypsy (big thanks to Brandy!!! Now I'm hooked and have to have one ASAP) So I made this simple design to cut out using the Gypsy and my Cricut. This is the finished project. Full of Halloween sweets.

This is a side view, just so you get the general packaging idea. Super simple, but cute, CUTE, CUTE!

Unfortunately until I have the Gypsy software on my computer. I can't save the file, so I can not offer to share the file. YET. ;) It is simple and the tutorial at Club Anya is great, so don't be afraid to cut..them...out...manualy... I know, I know. I'm so spoiled by my Cricut.
Find inspiration everywhere! Go... Create something fun & fabulous. Enjoy!


  1. please send me this cut file. thanks you

  2. this one would work for me as well. again as a .gypsy file if possible as that is what I can import into the craft room. Thank you


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